Today, we will be discussing our innovative “Collagen Elastic Line” treatment at Haru Clinic.

The “Collagen Elastic Line” is a unique treatment that uses fillers to stimulate collagen production, precisely underneath the dermis. This process is designed to improve fine wrinkles.

With existing treatments, it has been challenging to satisfactorily resolve fine wrinkles around the mouth, lips, laugh lines, and chin. However, the “Collagen Elastic Line” treatment can show significant improvement for such fine wrinkles.


Case Study

The patient in the above photo is someone who has to talk a lot due to their job. As a result, they use the muscles around their mouth frequently, leading to the development of wrinkles around the mouth, lips, and chin. This made them feel older and caused them stress.

They had a negative perception of fillers due to concerns about artificial changes and significant alterations to the face. Despite trying various treatments that claimed to smooth out wrinkles, they were disappointed because they didn’t see any noticeable effects.

Upon learning about the “Collagen Elastic Line” treatment, they were initially skeptical due to its use of fillers. However, they were reassured that unlike regular filler treatments, their fine wrinkles and skin elasticity would improve naturally without significant changes to the face. Trusting this, they decided to undergo the treatment.

Post-Treatment Progress

Let’s take a look at the post-treatment progress photos.


The above photo was taken one month after the treatment. As you can see, the fine wrinkles that were clearly visible around the mouth, lips, and chin have significantly improved.

Contrary to their initial worries, the patient was very pleased with the natural improvement in their fine wrinkles and skin elasticity. They even received a second treatment on the day of their visit, so their condition is even better now than in the above photo.


The “Collagen Elastic Line” treatment can naturally improve fine wrinkles and skin elasticity by promoting collagen production and making thin, non-elastic skin thicker and more elastic. Most importantly, it can definitely improve the fine wrinkles around the laugh lines, mouth, and chin that were difficult to resolve with existing methods. Therefore, it can be a good solution for many people who are troubled by fine wrinkles and skin elasticity.


Finally, let’s compare the patient’s pre-treatment and one month post-treatment photos. As you can see, the results are quite impressive.

Thank you for your time.

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