Haru Lift

Haru Lift brings youthful looks in a day.

Haru Lift addresses the shortcomings of the conventional thread lift.


Even with the same procedure, outcomes can significantly vary depending on its execution.


Can go to work the next day.


Face slimming lifting procedure.


Minimized pain
and irritation.


Definitive results with a natural-looking facelift.

The Anchor Point is Essential to a Thread Lift

01. How securely an anchor point is held determines the effectiveness and longevity of the lift.

Haru Lift utilizes the backside of the ear, an area with less flexibility, as a key anchor point. This ensures a strong hold for lift retention and effectiveness.

02. The anchor point is used to pull up sagging areas.

Many other thread lift procedures use the temporal muscle near the eyebrow as an anchor point, pulling up sagging cheeks which can consequently enlarge cheekbones and widen the face. The drawback is that a light pull provides little to no effect, while a stronger pull results in a broader face contour.

Haru Lift strategically uses the area behind your ears as the anchor point. By strongly pulling and applying pressure at the same time, the lift effect is maximized without enlarging the face. If there’s a hollow area on the lower part of the cheek that needs volume, a specific lift aimed towards the temporal muscles is carried out only as necessary to seamlessly fill out the hollow section.

03. The location of the anchor point determines where the thread passes.

Many individuals express a negative stance towards thread lifts due to persisting discomfort and stinging pain caused by lifts that involve the temporal muscle. Given that nerves and blood vessels pass through the temporal region, the threads traversing this area can cause continuous aches.

Haru Lift primarily uses the area behind the ear as the main anchor point. When a lift towards the side of the temporal muscle is necessary, we ensure that the anchor point does not intersect with large nerves or blood vessels in front of the ear. This approach is taken to minimize irritation, pain, and bleeding.

The Two Types of Thread Used in a Haru Lift

Haru Lift utilizes two thread materials, PDO and PLLA, both of which are approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) as safe substances that fully dissolve in our bodies. To cater to individual needs, we use curved threads as opposed to the traditional straight ones.

What is PDO thread?

PDO is widely utilized in dissolvable thread lifts and its safety is well-established, so much so that it is even used for suturing during heart surgeries.

A Haru Lift is executed according to individual needs using curved PDO threads, not straight PDO threads such as Omega, Blue Rose, etc.

What is PLLA thread?

PLLA, a key component of Sculptra, is well-regarded for its safety and its excellent ability to regenerate collagen. It’s widely used in various medical treatments.

A Haru Lift is executed according to individual needs using Silhouette Soft, which are curved PLLA threads, allowing for a wide range of customizations.

Special Features of Haru Lift


Definitive Effect

With specialized thread application and extensive experience, we strongly lift the sagging areas to deliver definitive and noticeable lifting effects.

Minimal Disturbance to Daily Life

The procedure results in minimal bruising, swelling, and abnormalities, allowing for minimal interruption to your daily schedule.

Considering Individual Needs

Unlike traditional lift procedures that simply pull in the opposite direction of wrinkles to smooth them out, we strategically lift using various designs tailored to each individual’s unique facial features for a more natural effect.

Facial Improvement

We lift sagging areas and reposition them to fill in hollow spots, while gently compressing needed locations. This technique results in a naturally smooth, petite, and attractive facial contour.

Minimal Irritation and Discomfort

By employing meticulous techniques and precisely adjusting the thread position, we minimize pain, irritation, and discomfort.

Procedure Comparison

Straight PDO (Omega, Blue Rose, MintHaru Lift PDOHaru Lift PLLA (Silhouette Soft)Facelift
Lift Effect★★★★★★★★★★★★★
Duration20 ~ 30 minutes.20 ~ 30 minutes.20 ~ 30 minutes.Two ~ three hours.
Recovery PeriodTwo ~ three days.Can work the next day.Can work the next day.Two ~ four weeks or more.
Retention PeriodSix months.Six months ~ one year.One ~ two years.Semi-permanent.
BenefitsNo scars, safe.No scars, safe definite effect, looks natural right after the procedure. No scars, safe and definite effect, looks natural right after the procedure, longer retention period than PDO.Definite effect, semi-permanent retention period.

Haru Lift Can Benefit:

  1. Those who wish to correct sagging in the depths of their cheeks and desire a smooth jawline.
  2. Those with sunken side cheeks and wide cheekbones.
  3. People who tried lifting after a contouring surgery but have not had a clear effect.
  4. Those seeking to correct their smile lines and sagging cheeks above these lines.
  5. People who want to correct the boundaries between jaws and neck, which are obscured by a droopy neck and or double chin.
  6. People whose eyelids are heavy, with droopy foreheads and eyebrows.
  7. Those who want to correct eyebrow asymmetry.


Before & After Photos of Haru Lift

Right After Thread Lift

Thread Lift

Thread Lift

Right After Thread Lift

Thread Lift

Thread Lift

Right After Thread Lift + Collagen Tightening

Right After Thread Lift + Collagen Tightening

Right After Thread Lift + Collagen Tightening

One Week After Thread Lift

One week after Thread Lift

Right After Thread Lift

Right After Thread Lift

Right After Thread Lift

Right After Thread Lift


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