In our previous discussion, we introduced the Haru Apple Hip Lift procedure and compared before and after photos of a patient who underwent this treatment. We were able to observe the transformative effects of the Haru Apple Hip Lift.

The Haru Apple Hip Lift utilizes a semi-permanent thread of special material to restore a sagging hip line with minimal recovery time. This procedure enhances the hip line, creating a more voluminous and aesthetically pleasing silhouette.

Today, we will examine the patient’s progress after the removal of the thread, focusing on the photos, pain, and discomfort experienced during the process.

Apple Hip Lift_After Hip Lift Procedure1.jpg
Apple Hip Lift_After Hip Lift Procedure2.jpg
Apple Hip Lift_After Hip Lift Procedure3.jpg

The above photos show the patient’s progress after thread removal. During the procedure, small holes are made in several places, leaving red marks. However, these marks will fade over time and eventually become unnoticeable.

Looking at the overall line, there is a noticeable difference in the hip line from before the procedure. The sagging part below is lifted up and the collapsed part on the top and outside has gained volume, resulting in a beautiful and voluminous hip line.

When the patient wore clothes like a dress or jeans, she appeared much more stylish and beautiful. She was very satisfied with her ability to confidently wear tight clothes.

Regarding discomfort, pain can be a concern with hip lifting. The patient experienced pain when pressure was applied to the buttocks for 2-3 days after the procedure, making it difficult to sit down and get up. However, the pain gradually decreased and she became accustomed to it. By the day of thread removal, she felt much more comfortable and reported that it did not interfere with her daily life.

While such pain can be worrying and scary, it is significantly less and the recovery time is much shorter compared to surgeries that enhance buttock volume through implant insertion or fat suction and transplantation. Therefore, the Haru Apple Hip Lift can be a good choice for those who want to correct the hip line.

Finally, let’s compare the hip line before and after the procedure.

Apple Hip Lift_Before and After Hip Lift Procedure1.jpg
Apple Hip Lift_Before and After Hip Lift Procedure2.jpg
Apple Hip Lift_Before and After Hip Lift Procedure3.jpg

That concludes our discussion on the Haru Apple Hip Lift. We hope this information about the effects and procedure of hip lifting, illustrated through before and after photos, has been helpful.

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