Haru Botox & Dermatoxin

Procedures that rejuvenate and provide youthful results.

Reduction of trapezius.

Reduction of all kind of wrinkles.

Reduction of calves.

Correction of square jaw.


What is Haru Botox & Dermatoxin?

‘Botox’ is a botulinum toxin that is usually injected into muscles, thereby relaxing them and reducing wrinkles. As a result, it is effective for treating facial wrinkles, square jaws, and enlarged calves.

‘Dermatoxin’ is a treatment that injects botulinum toxin into the skin instead. It is effective for fine wrinkles on the face and for lifting sagging by injecting not only in the muscle, but also into several areas of the skin. As it is applied to the skin layer, it is also known as ‘Skin Botox’.

Advantages of Haru Botox & Dermatoxin

The advantages of Botox surgery is that it is simple and safe. It is done easily, within only 5-10 minutes, and provides natural-looking results.

Effects of Botox
& Dermatoxin

Reduces wrinkles and
slims the lower face.

No Obstacle to
Everyday Life

The injection site does not cause irritation around the skin

Less Side
Effects / Pain

There is little bruising and swelling after the procedure.

Simple Procedure

A quick and easy procedure that is possible within just 10-20 minutes.

Special Features of Haru Botox & Dermatoxin



1:1 Customized

Depending on the individual’s face type and condition, 1:1 customized procedures are performed to provide the most appropriate beauty for the individual.


Genuine and Controled

We use a fixed quantity of
genuine products in a safe
and honest manner.


Many Years of Experience

Based on many years of
industry know-how, our
experienced medical staff
we aim for a safe and effective operation.


Design Sense

By using a specially designed cannula instead of making incisions, we ensure no scarring. This method allows us to enhance your beauty according to aesthetic balance.


Multifaceted Results

Provides comprehensive wrinkle
reduction, facial line
improvement, and lifting effects.

Haru Botox & Dermatoxin Treatment Sites and Results

Facial Expression Wrinkles

The wrinkles that make people look older than they really are mainly caused by the facial muscles. Botox paralyzes these facial muscles and smooths out wrinkles. Typically, the procedure is performed on the forehead, glabella, around and under the eyes, on the nasal bridge, and on chin wrinkles.

Special Area Botox

Botox can also be used to treat areas such as the mouth, smile lines, neck wrinkles, salivary glands, and temporalis muscles. However, as these are not common sites, it is necessary for our experienced medical staffs to diagnose accurately so that the procedure does not be have any adverse effects.


Botox injections are effective even in the case of hyperhidrosis of the armpits or hands. Botox is used in the treatment of hyperhidrosis because it suppresses the release of acetylcholine, which is released from the end of the autonomic nerve, thereby suppressing the secretion of sweat.


Dermatoxin induces new collagen synthesis by injecting botulinum toxin. It has long-term effects on pore contraction, regained skin elasticity and improved skin texture, as well as the usual temporary effects of Botox. Typically, it is performed on the forehead, around the eyes, and on the jaw line.

Square Jaw

For square jaws resulting from the overdevelopment of chewing muscles, Botox can make your face look smaller and smoother.

Body Type Correcting Botox

Soft body lines are made by inducing muscle involution. Typically, the procedure is performed on the calves and trapezius.


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