Today, we’re going to discuss our thread lifting procedure, known as “Baby-face Lifting”.

This procedure is designed to address severe sagging that is difficult to correct with traditional thread lifting. It’s ideal for those who desire a more potent lifting effect.

Our “Haru Lifting” technique involves pulling from the underlayer of the skin with dissolvable thread, while simultaneously using non-dissolvable thread to firmly pull the outer layer of the skin. This results in a more powerful lifting effect and a longer maintenance period.

Case Study

Let’s examine a patient’s photos before the procedure.

Patient Pre-Procedure Photo 1
Patient Pre-Procedure Photo 2
Patient Pre-Procedure Photo 3

The patient above has been consistently caring for her appearance and wanted to improve the sagging jawline, eight-character, and wrinkles around the mouth to make her face look more firm and elastic, so she visited our clinic.

Despite her consistent care, as she aged, the eight-character, mouth area, and area below the lips inevitably sagged and looked less elastic, and the jawline also showed a bit of skin sagging and looked less elastic.

Although her skin sagging or stretching was not severe, she had tried many lifting procedures before but the effect was not great, so she wanted a more powerful lifting effect and wanted to look overall firm, so she decided to have the “Baby-face Lifting” procedure and filler procedure on the eight-character and marionette area to make her face look overall elastic and firm.

Post-Procedure Results

Now, let’s look at the post-procedure photos.

Patient Post-Procedure Photo 1
Patient Post-Procedure Photo 2
Patient Post-Procedure Photo 3

These photos were taken 2 weeks after the procedure. Compared to before, you can clearly see the elastic and firm jawline, eight-character, mouth area, and area around the lips, and as a result, she looks much younger and more vibrant.

Also, although it is a strong lifting procedure, you can see that it is lifted naturally without looking awkward or unnatural through the adjustment of the pulling direction and strength.

Let’s now take a look at the patient’s before and after photos side by side.

Before and After Photo 1
Before and After Photo 2
Before and After Photo 3

As demonstrated above, the “Baby-face Lifting” procedure differs from traditional lifting procedures. Instead of only pulling from the underlayer of the skin, it also powerfully lifts the outer skin simultaneously. This results in a lifting effect that feels as if it’s being pulled by hand.

The results are impressive, and the effects last longer than those of the thread lifting procedure.

Therefore, for those who have severe sagging and find it difficult to see results with the thread lifting procedure, or for those who desire a more potent lifting effect, the Baby-face Lifting procedure can provide higher satisfaction than the traditional thread lifting procedure.

That concludes our overview of the “Baby-face Lifting” procedure. Thank you.

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