What is “PointV Chin Tip Correction”?

The “PointV Chin Tip Correction” is a method that uses a semi-permanent special thread to slim down a wide chin tip. The best part? There’s no recovery period.

Case Study

Let’s understand this better through a patient’s case study.


In this particular case, the patient had initially inserted a chin implant but was not satisfied with the results. Consequently, they had the implant removed. However, due to the implant insertion, the skin and soft tissue stretched, making the chin wide. The line coming down from the cheek appeared bumpy, and there was also a noticeable asymmetry, with the right chin looking more protruded. The patient wanted to improve these aspects.

They had undergone filler treatments several times to address the wide-looking chin, but the wide chin could not be narrowed by filler treatment alone. This left the patient unsatisfied and stressed.

Post-Procedure Results

Let’s take a look at the post-procedure photos.


These photos were taken one week after the procedure, during the patient’s progress check. The previously wide-looking chin tip has become slim, and the line coming down from the cheek has changed from bumpy to a smooth line. The asymmetry has also greatly improved, much to the patient’s relief.


In this patient’s case, even with surgery to cut the bone of the chin tip, it was difficult to see a significant effect due to the stretched skin and soft tissue. However, with our “Point V Chin Tip Correction”, we were able to simply improve the shape of the chin tip and the overall line.

Who is it for?

Like this patient, if you have had chin tip implant surgery or if you have removed it after having it, or even if you have not had any procedures at all, our “Point V Chin Tip Correction” procedure can simply and semi-permanently correct a wide chin to be slim.


That’s all for the “PointV Chin Tip Correction” procedure. We hope this information has been helpful. Thank you.

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