Today, we will be discussing our “Lip Correction” procedure through the case study of a patient.

Our “Lip Correction” procedure is designed for those who are unhappy with the appearance of their lips due to issues such as protruding or sunken lips, drooping lip corners, a long philtrum, or thin lips. Through a simple procedure with no recovery period, we help you achieve smoother lips and a brighter smile.

The “Lip Correction” procedure is determined through a thorough consultation and examination. We consider procedures such as fillers, botox, and thread lifting, and decide on the most suitable procedure based on the individual patient’s characteristics and desired improvements. The procedure is then performed with precision and care.

Let’s take a look at the patient’s pre-procedure photos.

Lip Correction Lip Filler (1).png
Lip Correction Lip Filler (3).png
Lip Correction Lip Filler (5).png

In the case of the above patient, they have a short and receding lower jaw which makes the area below the lips appear sunken, the lips look protruding, the double chin appear severe, and the cheeks look bulging and sagging. The patient visited us wanting to improve these points.

The patient wanted to smooth out the rough-looking area around the lips and, after consulting with us, received the ‘Lip Correction’ procedure.

In such cases, if correction is done only with the commonly performed chin filler for those with short chins in many hospitals, the chin length may be slightly longer, but the sunken area below the lips and the sunken area below the lip corners will look more severe, and the feeling of bulging and sagging cheeks will not be improved.

Therefore, not only the chin tip but also the sunken area below the lips and the jawline should be corrected overall to improve to a smooth and attractive lip shape.

Now, let’s take a look at the post-procedure photos.

Lip Correction Lip Filler (2).png
Lip Correction Lip Filler (4).png
Lip Correction Lip Filler (6).png

This is the patient’s appearance 2 weeks after the procedure. Compared to before, the appearance of the lips protruding has greatly improved, the double chin looks improved, and the appearance of the cheeks bulging and sagging has also improved at the same time.

The overall area around the lips has changed from a rough-looking appearance to a smooth and natural appearance.

Now, let’s compare the patient’s pre and post-procedure appearances side by side.

Lip Correction Lip Filler Before and After 1.png
Lip Correction Lip Filler Before and After 2.png
Lip Correction Lip Filler Before and After 3.png

Our “Lip Correction” procedure uses various techniques such as botox, fillers, and thread lifting to appropriately correct awkward and unattractive lips into natural and smooth lips, resulting in a brighter smile. The procedure can be done at your convenience and does not require a recovery period.

For those who are concerned about the appearance of their lips, our Haru Clinic’s “Lip Correction” procedure is a great solution.

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