Haru All-In-One
Bodyline Care

A combination of simple procedures designed to refine the body’s contours.


What is Haru All-In-One Bodyline Care?

While injection lipolysis, body thread procedures, high-frequency treatments, and endermologie can each offer simple ways to refine your body’s contour, there are limitations to the effects if only one method is used.

Haru All-In-One Bodyline Care is a comprehensive treatment approach that combines all of these procedures. Leveraging Haru Clinic’s expertise, this combined procedure achieves significantly greater results than each method individually.

Injection Lipolysis

Ideal for those wishing to reduce their fat cell size and target specific areas for weight loss.


Remove cellulite.


Boost skin elasticity.


Body contour correction.

Injection Lipolysis Targets Specific Areas

When dieting or exercising, it is possible to lose weight overall, but it is difficult to selectively target specific areas

Injection lipolysis is a procedure that injects fat-decomposing solutions directly into the area where body fat is concentrated, thereby reducing the size of excessively large fat cells and facilitating the effect of fat-decomposition.

Body Thread Lift

Ideal for those seeking a naturally beautiful ‘S-line’ and wanting to enhance their skin’s elasticity.


Strong lifting effect.


Safe, industry-approved procedures.


Overall skin improvement. 

An Evolution of the PDO Thread

Our Body Thread Lift employs a robust, dissolvable double-strand thread that’s twisted tightly, providing an immediate effect on sagging or droopy skin with low elasticity. This results in the creation of a naturally beautiful ‘S-line’ while enhancing skin elasticity.

Upon the insertion of the body thread into the fat layer, fat cells break down, collagen regenerates and various reparative materials accumulate around the thread. This stimulates tissue contraction and enhances the elasticity of the dermal layer beneath the skin.

High-Frequency Endermologie

An exceptional body care option for those apprehensive about surgical procedures.


Decomposes fat and boosts skin elasticity.


Similar to a massage, it can be performed comfortably without pain.


Selective degradation of dermal fat without damaging
the epidermis

Comfortably Reduces the Size of Target Areas

High Frequency Endermologie applies high-frequency currents to the target area. When such a current is applied to human body tissues, they generate deep heat through friction, creating what is known as ‘bioheat’.

Fat tissues are then dissolved by the bioheat and are consequently excreted from the body.

Special Features of Haru All-In-One Bodyline Care



Comprehensive treatment for
patient’s individual needs, targeting multiple areas.


A combination of various lifting procedures at a reasonable price.


A quick return to daily life on the day of the procedure.


Effective results after just a single procedure.

Haru All-In-One Bodyline Care Can Benefit:

People who have lost
elasticity or who are worried about wrinkles in specific body parts.

People with little
volume, or sagging
in the chest or hip area.

People who are
worried about skin
sagging after giving birth or losing weight.

Those who aren’t losing weight despite regular exercise.

Those who aspire to achieve both a perfect body contour and improved skin elasticity.


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