All-in-One Lift Care

A perfect blend of lifting treatments that enhance skin elasticity and promote a youthful babyface look.

Customizing treatments to target specific areas provides definitive effects.


Haru All-in-One Lift Care

Improved skin elasticity cannot be done with just a single injection or a single laser.

For those unsatisfied with the results of injections or laser treatments, our All-in-One Lift Care is the perfect solution.

Haru Clinic’s All-in-One Lift Care offers a synergistic effect through the tailored combination of various treatments designed to enhance skin elasticity.

Haru All-in-one Lift Care Procedures

Ultrasonic Lift

Ultrasonic energy is directed to the muscle fiber layer, or SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System). This lifts sagging areas and stimulates collagen production, thereby enhancing overall skin elasticity. This lift procedure is designed to address sagging and wrinkling issues.

Ultra V Tornado

This is a benchmark procedure designed to boost skin elasticity using PDO (polydioxanone) thread, a material deemed safe by the KFDA. The PDO thread is inserted into the targeted area, stimulating collagen activity in the dermis layer and thereby enhancing skin elasticity.


This procedure involves injecting botulinum toxin into various areas of the skin, rather than the muscle. This smooths out wrinkles spread across the face and demonstrates long-term effects of pore reduction, skin elasticity enhancement, and skin texture improvement.

Elf Injection

This procedure involves using an injection to dissolve facial fat and stimulate both peripheral blood vessels and the lymphatic circulation. This process eliminates fat and bodily waste, leading to a slimmer face. It also provides a lifting effect to areas that may have become saggy due to fat or edema.

Special Features of Haru All-in-One Lift Care



All of the above procedures are combined according to the each patient’s individual needs.


Various lift procedures can be performed at once and at a reasonable cost.


Patients can quickly return to their daily life on the day of the procedure.


Patients can see great results after just one procedure.

All-in-One Lift Care Can Benefit:

People who want naturally resilient skin.

People who are hesitant about thread procedures but are concerned that a simple lift may not yield effective results.

People looking for an effective resilience procedure that suits their face type.

People who want to preserve their appearance and elasticity through regular rejuvenating procedures.


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