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Today, we’re going to discuss the “Philtrum Reduction” procedure through a patient’s case study.

If you feel your face appears elongated due to a long or dull philtrum, and it’s causing you stress, our Haru Clinic’s “Philtrum Reduction” procedure can help improve it.

Our “Philtrum Reduction” procedure employs a special thread to lift the upper lip, shorten the philtrum’s length, and correct the line between the septum and the lip.

When necessary, we use fillers or threads to clearly define the upper lip’s outer line, transforming a dull and long impression into a clear and balanced one.

Philtrum Reduction Before 1-1.png
Philtrum Reduction Before 1-2(2).png

In the case of the patient above, they visited us to improve their older-looking appearance, which was due to a dull and long face. We recommended and performed the “Philtrum Reduction” procedure.

Now, let’s take a look at the post-procedure photos.

Philtrum Reduction After 1-1.png
Philtrum Reduction After 1-2(2).png

These photos show the patient’s appearance two weeks after the procedure. Compared to before, the philtrum appears shorter, and the line from the septum to the lip is straight, giving a pleasing curve instead of a dull impression.

Also, the dull philtrum and the inward roll of the upper lip have improved, and the line between the upper lip and the philtrum has become clear.

Let’s compare the patient’s appearance before and after the procedure side by side.

Philtrum Reduction Before and After 1-1.png
Philtrum Reduction Before and After 1-2.png

As you can see, the “Philtrum Reduction” procedure does not involve cutting the skin or significantly shortening the philtrum. Instead, it’s a procedure that considers the line, volume, and angle between the septum and the upper lip, transforming a dull and aged impression into a clear and youthful one without a recovery period.

Therefore, it can be an excellent solution for those who are concerned about a long and dull philtrum.

That concludes our discussion on the “Philtrum Reduction” procedure. Thank you for your time.

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