Today, we will be discussing our “ElastiDream Double Chin Lifting” procedure.

The “ElastiDream Double Chin Lifting” is a procedure designed to lift sagging neck skin, improve neck wrinkles, and clearly define the double chin and the line under the chin. This lifting procedure uses an elastic band called ElastiDream, which provides a natural yet powerful lifting effect compared to other thread lifting procedures. The effect of the lift is also long-lasting.

The procedure is performed through a minimal incision of about 2cm in the folded area behind the ear. There is little bruising or swelling, and there are hardly any marks other than needle marks, so it hardly interferes with daily life.

Before Procedure

Let’s take a look at the patient’s photo before the procedure.


The patient above is in her mid-30s. She had no elasticity in her neck skin, and her double chin looked bulging due to sagging. Her neck wrinkles were deep and she looked older, and she wanted to solve these problems.

Improvement is possible with melting thread lifting, also known as Haru Lifting, but the patient wanted a lifting effect that was powerful and long-lasting, so after consulting with us, she decided to have the “ElastiDream Double Chin Lifting” procedure.

After Procedure

Now, let’s take a look at the patient’s post-procedure photos.


These are photos taken when she visited the clinic a week after the procedure to remove the stitches. You can see that the bulging double chin and chin line have become distinct and slim, and the sagging and inelastic skin of the neck that made her look older has been pulled up and looks tight and elastic, improving her appearance. Overall, her impression has become distinct, and she looks lively, and the patient was satisfied. The needle marks seen in the photos will soon become barely noticeable.

Before and After Comparison

Now, let’s compare the patient’s before and after photos side by side.


As we have seen above, “ElastiDream Double Chin Lifting” can effectively improve sagging and stretched necklines, double chins, and neck wrinkles. Of course, for those with a lot of fat, satisfactory improvement of the double chin and neckline requires liposuction. However, for those whose skin lacks elasticity and sags, making the double chin and neckline unattractive, effective improvement is possible with just lifting, which requires almost no recovery time, as in the case of the patient above.


That’s all for “ElastiDream Double Chin Lifting”. Thank you for your time.

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