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Today, we will be discussing our Haru Clinic’s thread lifting procedure, also known as the ‘Haru Lifting’ procedure, through a patient’s case study.

The ‘Haru Lifting’ procedure uses a special curved thread for lifting, which effectively and naturally corrects the facial shape. It causes minimal bruising and swelling, allowing you to return to your daily life immediately. While simple procedures like ultrasound, high frequency, and Botox may not be as effective, thread lifting procedures that directly pull and lift the skin have a greater effect. However, they often cause bruising, swelling, and discomfort due to the strong pulling, which can interfere with daily life. For those who are considering, the ‘Haru Lifting’ can be a good choice as it shows immediate effects and causes minimal disruption to daily life.

Now, let’s take a look at the patient’s photos before the procedure.


This patient visited our clinic to improve the wide lower face and protruding double chin. They had previously undergone a filler procedure to improve the wide and square lower face, but it did not yield the desired results. They wanted to have a V-line face and improve the protruding double chin. In this case, the skin sagging caused the skin to gather in the middle of the double chin, making it look bulging, and this bulging was connected to the lower face, making the lower face look wide and square.

After consulting with us, they decided to improve it through ‘Haru Lifting’. Now, let’s look at the photos after the procedure.


These photos show the patient’s appearance immediately after the procedure. Despite being immediately after the procedure, there is not much swelling and the skin looks tightly attached. The wide and square lower face has improved to a V-line, and the protruding double chin has also improved to a slim look. By improving the skin sagging that made the lower face look square, the chin tip where they had filler treatment now looks slim.

Now, let’s compare the patient’s before and after photos side by side.

ThreadLiftingReview3-1 (1).jpg
ThreadLiftingReview3-1 (2).jpg
ThreadLiftingReview3-1 (3).jpg

As we have seen above, ‘Haru Lifting’ is a procedure that effectively lifts the skin while causing minimal bruising, swelling, or discomfort, and naturally improves the facial line to be slim and smooth. For those who are stressed by a square face due to skin sagging and a bulging double chin, ‘Haru Lifting’ can be a good solution that shows definite improvement without recovery time.

With this, we conclude our discussion about the ‘One Day Lifting’ procedure. Thank you for your time.

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