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Today, we will be discussing our clinic’s thread lifting procedure, known as “Haru Lifting”, through a case study of one of our patients.

“Haru Lifting” is a lifting procedure that uses dissolvable threads. These special curved threads are used to naturally and effectively correct the shape of the face. The procedure results in minimal bruising or swelling, and the results are immediately visible, causing little to no disruption to daily life.

While simple procedures such as ultrasound, high frequency, and botox can often be disappointing due to their insufficient effects, thread lifting procedures that directly pull the skin can have a greater effect. However, these can also cause bruising, swelling, and discomfort, often disrupting daily life. For those who are concerned about these issues, “Haru Lifting” could be a good choice. It provides immediate results and hardly interferes with daily life.

Now, let’s take a look at the photos of our patient.


The patient came to our clinic seeking to improve her protruding double chin and the unclear boundary between her chin and neck. Despite having numerous contour injections and losing weight, her double chin remained, causing her much concern.

In her case, her small lower jaw was not providing enough support for her skin, causing it to sag and resulting in a protruding double chin and chin line. After consulting with us, she decided to undergo the “Haru Lifting” procedure.

Now, let’s look at the photos after the procedure.


These photos were taken two weeks after the procedure. As you can see, the previously sagging chin line has become smooth, and the protruding double chin area appears slimmer. The boundary between the neck and chin is now more defined, giving her a slimmer and clearer appearance.

As demonstrated in this case, a double chin caused by sagging skin can be effectively improved not by volume-reducing procedures such as contour injections or liposuction, but by lifting.

Now, let’s compare the patient’s before and after appearances side by side.


As you can see, “Haru Lifting” effectively lifts the skin with minimal bruising, swelling, or discomfort, and naturally improves the face line to be slim and smooth.

For those who are stressed by a bulging double chin and unclear boundaries between the chin and neck due to sagging skin, “Haru Lifting” can be a good solution that can show definite improvement without a recovery period.

We hope this information about the “Haru Lifting” procedure has been helpful. Thank you for your time.

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