Today, we’re going to explore the signature thread lifting procedure of Haru Clinic, known as “Haru Lifting”.

Haru Lifting is a unique thread lifting procedure that uses dissolvable threads. The procedure employs a special curved thread to ensure effectiveness while naturally correcting the facial shape. The result is a natural-looking lift with minimal bruising or swelling, allowing you to return to your daily life immediately after the procedure. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking to combat signs of aging such as sagging skin, but are concerned about recovery time and potential side effects.

Before the Procedure

Let’s take a look at some photos of a patient before undergoing the Haru Lifting procedure.


The patient, in her early 30s, was concerned about the lack of elasticity in her face, which was causing sagging and sunken areas. She sought to correct her overall facial shape and achieve a smoother, more balanced look through Haru Lifting and under-eye fillers.

After the Procedure

Now, let’s take a look at the patient’s photos after the procedure.


Through Haru Lifting, the sagging deep cheek area has been lifted, and the sunken areas around the eyes and cheeks have improved. The under-eye filler procedure has also improved the sunken under-eye area. The small needle marks in the under-eye area will be almost unnoticeable in a few days.

Despite being immediately after the procedure, there is no awkwardness or the feeling of being pulled that can be seen in other lifting procedures, and there is no excessively widened facial shape. There is almost no bruising or swelling, and the face has naturally changed into a smooth and elastic line.

Before and After Comparison

Let’s compare the patient’s before and after photos side by side.


As we have seen, Haru Lifting provides a definite thread lifting effect while causing almost no bruising, swelling, or awkwardness, and naturally smoothens and enhances the elasticity of the facial line.

That concludes our overview of “Haru Lifting”. Thank you for your time.

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