Today, we’re going to discuss a case study of a patient who successfully improved the sagging and asymmetry of her buttocks through our unique procedure, the “Haru Apple Hip Lifting”.

The “Haru Apple Hip Lifting” is a procedure designed to enhance the buttocks line without requiring a lengthy recovery period. This is achieved by using a special semi-permanent thread to create volume and a beautiful line.

Preoperative Condition

Let’s first take a look at the patient’s preoperative photos.

Haru Apple Hip Lifting_Buttock Lifting_Buttock Filler (1).png

In this particular case, the patient had undergone thigh liposuction a few years ago, followed by buttock fat grafting surgery at another hospital a few months ago. The aim was to improve sagging and asymmetry of the buttocks and increase volume. However, despite the increased volume post fat grafting surgery, the sagging and asymmetry issues persisted, leading her to seek our help.

As evident in the photo, the degree of sagging varied to the extent that the bottom line of the buttocks was clearly different, making the right buttock appear much longer and more sagging. This was due to the uneven volume of the thighs, which support and hold up the buttocks, resulting in different degrees of sagging on both sides.

After consulting with us, she decided to undergo the Haru Apple Hip Lifting procedure. Additionally, she opted for a filler procedure in the area where the volume was excessively removed by liposuction. This was to improve the sagging and asymmetry of the buttocks and enhance the folded bottom line of the buttocks.

Postoperative Condition

Now, let’s take a look at the postoperative photos.

Haru Apple Hip Lifting_Buttock Lifting_Buttock Filler (2).png

This photo was taken 2 weeks after the patient’s surgery. As you can see, the sagging buttocks have risen elastically, the bottom line of the buttocks has been smoothly improved, and the asymmetry has also been significantly improved. Additionally, the volume of the buttocks has noticeably improved due to the lifting of the sagging buttocks.

The patient was extremely satisfied with the improvement in the sagging and asymmetry of her buttocks, making it a rewarding procedure for us as well. Our Haru Apple Hip Lifting procedure can effectively improve the buttocks line without causing significant discomfort. It is particularly effective in improving sagging buttocks, volume, asymmetry, and the long folded bottom line of the buttocks.

Before and After Comparison

Now, let’s compare the before and after photos.

Haru Apple Hip Lifting_Buttock Lifting_Buttock Filler (3).png

Comparing the two photos side by side, you can see that the overall buttocks line, including sagging, asymmetry, volume, and bottom line of the buttocks, has been significantly improved.

In cases like this patient, if you just reduce the volume of the thighs without considering the buttocks, the volume that used to support from below disappears, leading to sagging of the buttocks and potential asymmetry. For those struggling with this, our Haru Apple Hip Lifting could be a good solution.

Recently, there has been a growing interest in buttock lifting (hip-up), and naturally, related procedures and surgeries are also diversifying. However, lifting sagging buttocks is not easy, so there are many cases where people have high expectations for the procedure but hardly feel any effect.

Therefore, before deciding on a buttock lift, it is most important to have a thorough consultation with the medical staff and decide on the procedure after hearing a detailed explanation about the process and expected results.

We hope you found this case study on Haru Apple Hip Lifting informative. Thank you for your time.

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