Haru Breast Lift

Loss of skin elasticity after pregnancy, weight loss, or plastic surgery?

Haru Breast Lift rejuvenates and uplifts for a youthful appearance.


What is Haru Breast Lift?

Using a special semi-permanent thread, we make minimal incisions, reducing visible scarring while simultaneously lifting your breasts and correcting the size of the nipple areolas for an all-round improved appearance.

By directly lifting the sagging lower breast, we add volume to the upper chest and bring the wide-spaced breasts closer together. This approach delivers excellent results in addressing sagging and correcting the shape of the breasts.

Haru Breast Lift Procedure

Haru Chest Lift can address sagging and wide-spaced breasts, which may be due to aging, childbirth, or breastfeeding, enhancing them into a firmer, uplifted shape without concerns over scars or recovery time. Even if the areolas are large or the nipples point downwards, Haru Chest Lift can reduce the areola size and reposition nipples upward. This is achievable while simultaneously reshaping sagging breasts. It also offers significant improvements for asymmetry or sagging issues following breast implant or fat graft surgeries.

Special features of Haru Breast Lift



One-hour operation time and minimal scarring.


Quick return to daily routine.


Can simultaneously reduce the size of the nipple areola.


Achieve the ideal breast shape by adjusting the direction of the nipple to face upward.


Utilizing special elastic bands allows for natural movement and enduring results.


The procedure can correct sagging or asymmetry post breast surgery.


Allows for the lifting of sagging areas while also redistributing volume where needed.

Haru Breast Lift Can Benefit:

Those wanting to improve the shape of sagging or widely spaced breasts.

People who want to lift their breasts while reducing the size of the nipple areola.

People who want to adjust the direction of the nipple to face upward.

People who have volume after implantation or fat transplant surgery, but still have sagging or asymmetrical breasts.

People who want to give natural volume at well as improving sagging breasts.

People who want to improve their breast shape easily without worrying about recovery time or scars.


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