Haru Filler

For a beautiful and petite face.

The solution for a recessed forehead and temples, under-eye hollows, dark circles, facial contouring, smile lines and a flat face.


What is Haru Filler?

Haru Filler is a procedure that effortlessly creates a beautiful, delicate face line.

The procedure takes just 30 minutes and allows for the creation of a perfect facial contour. At Haru Clinic, we use a filler suitable for each person’s unique face shape, utilizing our expertise to achieve outstanding results.

Haru Filler Can Benefit:

Haru Filler is a procedure designed to diminish wrinkles and reshape specific facial areas such as the forehead, cheekbones, front cheekbone region, and nasolabial folds through the application of filler treatments.

  1. Forehead: A plain and rugged forehead will become voluminous.
  2. Temples: Protruding cheeks are rectified with fillers that are injected in a line connecting to the forehead, resulting in a softer impression.
  3. Glabella (skin between the eyebrows): Applies volume to deep frown lines and wrinkles, as well as depressed areas, to give a softer impression.
  4. Beauty lines: Creates a vivid eye and a youthful impression.
  5. Front cheeks: By targeting the MMP point on the inner side of the face, we create a three-dimensional effect, resulting in a more petite facial appearance.
  6. Nose and nose tip: The nose, the center of the face, is clearly smoothed out.
  7. Under-eye: Provides volume to the depressed area and masks dark circles.
  8. Indian wrinkles: Provides volume and makes skin more youthful.
  9. Philtrum (Cat Filler): Creates an ideal nose angle and facial profile.
  10. Smile lines: Softens impressions for people who look older than they really are and regains elasticity.
  11. Cheeks: Volumizes indented cheeks, regaining elasticity and making them look more youthful.
  12. Ear lobes: Volumizes ear lobes that are indented or scarred.
  13. Mouth corner: Filler treatment is performed on wrinkles surrounding the mouth, improving the lip shape.
  14. Lips: Provides volume to thin lips, making them appear more youthful.
  15. Jaw tip: Shapes the jaw tip to make a beautifully oval face and corrects a protruding mouth.

Special Features of Haru Filler



Natural Contour Lines

Natural facial contour lines and a voluminous face are achieved via
filler procedures.


Long-Lasting Effects and High Stability

Long-lasting effects with approved fillers and safe procedures.


Many Years of Experience

Based on a deep understanding of
anatomy and high technical skills,
we provide outstanding results.


Quick Procedure and Fast
Return to Daily Routines

20-30 minutes of operation time
results in a speedy
return to daily life, without
bruising or swelling.


Before & After Photos of Haru Filler

Forehead Filler

Forehead Filler

Forehead Wrinkle Filler

Forehead and Glabella Wrinkle Filler

Glabella Wrinkle Filler

Neck Wrinkle Filler


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